Meet with our team

Hi, my name is Maya Veliada🙋‍♀️ (and yes, I was born in May, but my parents claim that's not why they named me that).

I am a newcomer to Cyprus, I moved this year from Ukraine when I got a job offer, and this island continues to captivate me for the 5th month with its so different beauty.Sea, mountains, unreal beauty of sunsets and maximum concentration of interesting people in one place🤩 I am only 27 years old, but if I had grandchildren, I would already have many stories to tell them👇 For example, how the war caught me twice. First in 2014 in Donetsk, when I had just entered the 1st year of university and in 2022, when in winter at -10 outside I was left without windows in the apartment at night and contemplated how the snow was swirling right in the room.

Maya Velyada

Also my grandchildren will have to know that before the creative and beautiful profession in SMM, I worked in a factory producing refrigerators and supplied the plant with compressors, concentrates and other components.

I also have 3 higher education degrees, for now😄 Because I’m a huge nerd and there’s no telling who I’ll study for and what I’ll work for next.

I consider my superpower – the ability to adapt to any situation and the craving for everything new. That’s probably why I like SMM, it’s never boring here, you always have to be on the wave of trends, novelties and generate ideas 24/7

🍦My favorite ice cream: is vanilla+banana (I also love banana milkshakes).

🎥 My favorite movie character is Sherlock Holmes (from the HBO series), I find genius brains and logic insanely appealing.

💫 What I dream about globally – of course about the peace, and from romantic dreams are to see the Northern Lights and whales in person.

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My name is Maria. Sewing runs deep in my family – my grandmother and mother were both talented seamstresses, and I eagerly joined them from a young age, finding joy in the artistry of their craft🧵🪡

Beyond stitching fabrics together, I have another passion: nature walks with my lively dogs. Fifteen years ago, I arrived in Cyprus, planning to stay for just a year. Life here presented its challenges, yet it also introduced me to incredible souls. Despite the hurdles, I'm still here today, envisioning a quaint home with a spacious garden, a haven for abandoned animals — a dream that fuels my days💫


Plans don’t always unfold seamlessly, but the desire burning within me keeps these dreams alive. Love and kindness, I’ve learned, are constants that guide me through it all. Despite the twists and turns, I hold onto the belief that with determination, dreams indeed find their way to reality. 😊

My name is Muhammad Qutaiba Al-Basha. I was born in Syria on 1/6/1998. I am the youngest of a large family of 13.

We lived very happily and harmoniously, cultivating the land and felt completely secure until the war began in 2011. We didn't want to leave our home, but one day a bomb struck, injuring my knee with shrapnel. Doctors saved my leg, but the pain lingers to this day. On November 15, 2016, our family made the decision to leave the conflict zone, and we moved to Cyprus. It was a very arduous journey both physically and emotionally, marking the first time I had ever left my homeland.

Muhammad Qutaiba Al-Basha

In Cyprus, I encountered many kind, supportive people who taught me the trade of construction. I’m working as a technician at Hauteart for a year, and this is the best thing that has happened to me! The challenging and intriguing tasks I undertake push me to grow, explore new construction technologies, and engage in profound thinking. It’s not merely mechanical, repetitive actions; I feel like I’m creating something significant and fascinating. I’m a part of Hauteart’s intricate creative mechanism, and I’m immensely grateful for it!

Above all, studies attract me a lot. I have a fondness for science. I love strolling with friends along the Limassol promenade, watching the sunset, and indulging in banana-vanilla ice cream. I am certain that everything will be alright now.

My dream is to build my own home, buy my dream car, and live with my family in a world free from war, hunger, and hatred.

Hauteart web-developer. I started programming when I realized that the best strategy is to build a strong website and develop it.

Instead of fictional empires, you can organize a real one on the world Wide web. I bring life to our website with my exceptional coding skills. But here is more than just lines of code. Here i feel relationship as in good warm family - we all understand together and ready for help as we can. The sense of touching art through computer code excites the fingertips. Understanding that you are being led by a strong leader gives confidence in the future to the whole team.

Aleksandr Matrosov

I try to see life through a different lens, finding inspiration in unexpected places. In my free time, i’ll exploring nature, capturing breathtaking landscapes with my camera lens. I believe that immersing mymself in the beauty of the world fuels creativity and translates into the seamless user experience when I create on our website.
At, we believe in seamlessly blending art and technology to bring you an immersive online gallery experience. With my expertise and dedication to perfection, we ensure that every click you make on our site is met with flawless functionality and a visually stunning interface. Love to play on my blue electric guitar.