Artist Profile

Armando Tanzini

Born 1943, Livorno, Italy.
Contemporary artist - Armando Tanzini live photo in his home.

Artist Profile

Armando Tanzini

Born 1943, Livorno, Italy

“I love Africa, I love it with its endless qualities and its awful defects. Why don’t we turn our head to this forgotten
world placed under Equator? Why don’t we try to help them to make concrete the huge richness of their land and their

Armando was born in 1943 in Livorno. Subsequently he followed courses at the Artistic High School of Florence, the Fine Arts Academy in Rome and the Fine Arts School in Paris. He won the Prize Viareggio, the Prize Fattori and the Prize Piombino. In Paris he took part in the student movement of the 1968 under the banner of Creativity in Power. He was a friend of Modigliani!

He was young and hunting for the wild animals of Africa was in vogue among the Europeans of that time. But having lived in Kenya for several years, Armando realized the horror of what was happening and the need to ban the hunting of wild animals, which causes irreparable harm to the region’s ecosystem. After a couple of years he created an important Foundation called ‘Do Not Forget Africa’, and received the UNESCO prize in 2000.


50th Venice Biennale

Venice, Italy

2019 – nd

Asante Africa

Kenya, Africa

Tanzini studio


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