Artist Profile

Masha Bo

Born 1986, Moscow, Orechovo-Zuevo.
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Artist Profile

Masha BO

Born in 1989, Moscow, Russia

Collage – these are pieces of life and art, brought together in one moment.

Photos in a collage are part of real life and objects printed on a screen or film. An artist can drastically change the reality of the past, sorting it out into pieces (as opposed to time, which simply erases everything), forcing it to change from its original form. This is a puzzle, a picture, a game – the same seemingly chaotic outside and ordered inside, like in nature. The collage interweaves reality into the decorative, collects a kit of scraps and associations, creating personal fairy tales from others’ memories.

One might think that a photo thus depreciates, loses the character embedded in it, but in fact it becomes a part of another world with many meanings and interpretations, becomes a part of art, appears as a set of pixels, or a frame on film — material, divisible, capable to the most difficult metamorphoses, separating themselves from the self-valuable object of the image – a person, an object, a character – placing its value in the consciousness of the beholder, in his perception and memory.

The very same daily photograph loses its value at the expense of social media, multiplying through the network, leaving many prints in it, regardless of whether it carries real personal or cultural value or not.

Thanks to a collage, rare and not so, forgotten or popular prints of the past are integrated into modern culture, carrying their form – texture, light, colour – into a new art object, replenishing itself with meaning and filling the collage with meaning.


Hot Spot

Triumph Palace, Moscow, Russia


Cont Barocco

VDNKH, Moscow, Russia


Hot Spot Part 2

Triumph Palace, Moscow, Russia


Take it!

Look Cafe, Moscow, Russia


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