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Born 1986, Rybinsk, Russia
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Born in 1986, Rybinsk, Russia

Eclectic, surreal, and colorful. This is what art is all about.’

Hi! I’m PopqeeN and my work is a rollercoaster ride of explosive energy that will shake your senses and stir your emotions. I love to combine surrealism, pop art, and steampunk with echoes of realism, creating works that use the vibrancy of colors to make maximum impact.

Everything I do is distinguished by meticulous detail, whether that be the tones and hues used or the facial characteristics. Within each work, the observer will discover a visual language that speaks to them on a subconscious level. Intrigued by the symbolism of everyday objects and inspired by great artists like Andy Warhol and René Magritte, I produce colorful paintings that make bold statements!

painting for sell from modern artist PopqeeN - Acid-aphrodite

PopqeeN is an artist who brings color and vibrancy to her work to create punchy, provocative paintings and prints. Her eclectic style and bold use of color give a pop art feel to her works, making them very appealing to the contemporary audience. She uses iconic figures in unconventional settings, from Aphrodite herself to Queen Elizabeth, producing works inspired by some of the world’s greatest artists. Her paintings embrace surrealism, symbolism, and pop culture in an innovative way. PopqeeN has had her works displayed in several exhibitions over the past few years, leaving an explosive impression on her fans.

Painting of contemporary artist Popqueen - Lady Ducks

What connects Aphrodite with Karl Lagerfeld or Queen Elizabeth with Freddie Mercury? All are icons of the modern era and feature in the works of PopqeeN, who isn’t afraid to make bold statements using vibrant color to speak to her audience. For her, it is a medium in which to reach deep into the subconscious and trigger an emotional response. The artist’s eclectic style is a bold commentary on contemporary life with a pop art feel. The symbolism within her works speaks of beauty, sex, and power, often using satire and humor to get her message across.

Christian Skloe, René Magritte, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are just some of the artists who have left a special imprint on PopqeenN, providing great inspiration for her work. In the series, Acid Aphrodite, we find four different versions of the Greek goddess of love wearing a mask against a variety of backgrounds. The memories of the COVID-10 pandemic are fresh in the memory of the public psyche, making these works unique reminders of the impact it had on the global community. The artist alludes to similar disasters in world history, such as the destruction of Pompeii or the Trojan War, with each motif conveying the conflict between the natural order of things and human calamity.

In another work, Pop Queen, royalty is turned on its head with the late Queen Elisabeth portrayed as a cool, rebellious caricature. Who would imagine the former queen of England dressed wearing a leather biker’s jacket and a hoodie with an imprint of Freddie Mercury on it? This is where the artist speaks to the observer, using familiar images in unfamiliar ways to evoke a reaction. In another comical work, the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld poses with cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny against a graffiti backdrop. Bright, humorous, and accessible to all, her paintings present sacred imagery and cultural icons in a fresh, emotive way.


Private Politicians

Megapolis Studio, Moscow, Russia


Thrash Polka

Trubnaya cafe, Moscow, Russia

PopqueeN studio



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