Artist Profile

Irina Sigitova

Born 1976, Lugansk, Ukraine.
In website you can see modern artist Irina Sigitova biography and be acquaint with his works.

Artist Profile

Irina Sigitova

Born in 1976, Lugansk, Ukraine

‘Art is my passion, my work, and my life.

Without it, who would I be?’

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Quilling with the incredible artist Irina Sigitova! 🌈

Her unique style weaves delicate paper strips into intricate masterpieces, transforming simplicity into stunning complexity. Irina’s work exudes a serene and whimsical mood, each piece telling a story through vibrant colors and meticulous craftsmanship🌟

Hello! I’m Irina Sigitova, an artist and art teacher living in Cyprus since 1999. After obtaining my first degree from the Kiev National Art and Architecture Academy, I went on to complete a second degree at the Cyprus Academy of Art (CAA). Since then, I have been teaching art to junior artists at various schools, including CAA and Bravo Kids Club, Cyprus, as well as organizing art contests at the Cyprus-Russian Festival. My personal work has been on show at several exhibitions in Cyprus and I frequently participate in group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, and France. The inspiration for my art comes from many sources and I currently work in my own art studio, SigitovArt, where I also teach art to both young students and adults.

Contemporary artist Irina Sigitova painting for sell

The world of Irina Sigitova is made up of art, art, and more art. She lives and breathes art, allowing her creative spirit to permeate everything she does. A working artist and teacher, she has a passion for sharing her creative talent and uses a wide range of mediums. From designing book covers and hand-painted dresses to 3D paintings and wall art for movies, Irina’s talent knows no bounds. A prolific artist who is constantly finding new ways to express her inner thoughts and desires, Irina’s collections involve themes such as love, sex, femininity, beauty, humor, and culture.


Veni Vedi Vinchi

Personal Exhibition, Cyprus


Dino Art

Group Exhibition, Cyprus

2001 – 2005

Personal and Group Exhibition,

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

2006 – 2008

Sequence of Group Exhibitions


2008 – 2020

Sequence of Group Exhibitions

Russian Embassy, Nicosia

2016 – 2018

Every Friday New Performance

SigitovArt, Cyprus, Limassol


Immersive Performance “Russian Fears”

Russkiy Dom, Cyprus, Limassol


Immersive Performance “FaceYour Fears Off”

10/10 Hall, Cyprus, Nicosia



LAMPA, Riga, Latvia

Years of Art



The artist uses her creative passion to bring art to life and invites the observer to engage all of their senses. Her imaginative spirit and skillful workmanship can be found within each piece and it is evident that art is very much part of her personal identity. In fact, she is a living, breathing, work of art in herself!

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