Artist Profile

Vartan Ghazarian

Born in 1978, Larnaca, Cyprus
A contemporary artist photo - Vartan Ghazarian

Artist Profile

Vartan Ghazarian

Born in 1978, Larnaca, Cyprus

‘Art for me has always been a vessel for freedom of mind and soul. Put simply, art is love.’

Artist Bio

Hello! I’m Vartan Ghazarian, a self-taught artist and trained interior designer with Armenian/Cypriot roots. My studio in Larnaca is where all of my creativity is unleashed. From there, I create my own pieces and undertake custom orders, working mainly with oil on canvas. I have also taken part in various collaborations and projects over the years, using my love of art as a medium of self-expression.

For me, art is a channel to project inner feelings and emotions through the beauty of the human form. Whether creating a portrait or a nude figure, there is so much to say about our human existence that I like to explore. Love, pain, death, and rebirth are all powerful experiences that touch each one of us throughout the course of our lives and it’s these powerful motifs that fascinate me. Body art is a liberating way of expressing how one feels and I am fascinated by the way people use tattoos to symbolize their internal state. This has led me to explore inkwork in my recent paintings and adding elements of surrealism to convey my thoughts about society.

Artist Statement

Vartan Ghazarian is self-taught artist with Armenian and Cypriot roots based in Larnaca. Using oil paint on canvas, his work features styles such as surrealism, op art, portraits, and figurative elements. The artist’s passion for life is the driving force behind his creations and his recent works focus on the symbolism of tattoos as a means of inner expression. Vartan has held two solo exhibitions (Larnaca, 2012 and Limassol, 2017) and has also participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years in Cyprus and Barcelona, Spain.

Creativity description

From his naked tattooed forms to surreal portraits and optical illusions, Vartan Ghazarian invites the viewer to connect with their deepest emotions while revealing his unique perspective on life. For him, art is the ultimate vehicle in which to free the mind and soul and he creates pieces that reflect this passion. Love, death, and rebirth are just some of the motifs to be found in his works, with the heart and eyes featuring heavily throughout. His recent fascination with the symbolism of tattoos as a form of self-expression has also had a major impact on his work, leading him to incorporate body art as part of his own creative outlet.

The work ‘Lost Love’, for example, features a tattooed nude holding a bloodied heart in her hands that could also represent the womb – the symbol of female fertility. It may refer to the innate ability to love, procreate, and bleed, all of which are part of the natural order of life and death. The surreal work ‘Inner Self’ portrays a young man pulling at his T-shirt to reveal his heart, which is aflame. One needn’t deliberate for too long to understand the artist’s reference to the passion of love, its eternal flame, and the power it has once we are overcome by it.

Other works take us on an illusionary visual journey, such as ‘Fall’, which shows an eye looking up to raindrops while shedding a forlorn tear. In ‘Save Me’, a hand is tattooed with rings and a hanging cross in the shape of a heart with an eye in the center. Here again, we encounter life, death, and the windows to the soul – the eyes. Vartan’s portraits contain both humorous and tragic figures, each with their own unique narrative. In ‘Artist for Life’, we see a very young boy sporting a beard, earrings and cap with the word “ARTIST” imprinted on it. Perhaps a nod to the artist’s own personal creative journey and his identity as an artist from a young age. On the other hand, the portrait ‘Broken’ shows the sorrowful image of a woman who is suffering. Tears fall down her cheek and a crown of roses sits on her head, her excruciating pain fully evident to the viewer.

Beautiful, poignant, thought-provoking and rich in symbolism, Vartan’s works appeal because of their contemporary rawness and ability to touch our inner emotions. They also reveal the artist’s perspective on life and what society looks like through his eyes. But above all else, they prove that art is love!


We are Romantic Europe.

Larnaca, Cyprus


Lines of Glance.

Limassol, Cyprus


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