Artist Profile

Vladimir Tsesler

Born 1951, Slutsk, Belarus.
In website you can see modern artist Vladimir Tsesler biography and be acquaint with his works.

Artist Profile

Vladimir Tsesler

Born in 1951, Slutsk, Belarus.

If your work is placed in the Louvre during life, you become a truly living legend.

Vladimir is one of the key figures in contemporary world reactionary art culture. Coming from the former USSR, he took over the experience of his older comrades from the gild and created something new – meme art. Vladimir’s contemporary works are passed through a sieve of irony, sarcasm and a creative view of ordinary things. What he creates is amazing and seems to be ripe on the tip of the tongue of everyone but only acquired a shape because of his talent. The variety of directions in Vladimir’s work brought him to the Louvre, where one of his works is located in the Museum of Advertising Masterpieces. Most of his works were made together with his friend and colleague – Sergey Voichenko, unfortunately he died some years ago.

“Harmony is the main rule for an artist. Tha laws of composition are still in force. It’s difficult to carry out what was planned since the material world resist.” – Tsesler

It is pretty hard to add on a web site 30 years of exhibitions. That is why we will add only the last one, that which contains last 5 years of Vladimir’s work.


Tsesler’s Optic

Artplay, Moscow

70 Years of Tsesler


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