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#00½ emerges as a visual manifesto of rebellion against oppressive governance, a poignant contrast to the anonymity of #000. The absence of a helmet on this figure marks her as a renegade, one who refuses the forced obscurity and seeks to reclaim her identity against the systemic erasure of her persona.This artwork does not shy away from the stark reality of the struggle for self-expression. The subject is depicted with a boldness absent in her predecessor, her gaze presumably fixated
beyond the canvas, challenging the invisible forces that seek to suppress her voice. Yet, she stands enveloped by a myriad of plastic soldiers, encapsulating her in a microcosm of societal control, illustrating the overwhelming pressure to conform. The soldiers, once perceived as guardians, now take on a dual role: they are both the suppressors and the suppressed, programmed to follow orders without question, embodying the conflict between duty and morality. Their chaotic skirmish around her is a metaphor for the tumultuous and often self-destructive nature of political power structures that suffocate individual dissent. Her partial numerical designation, ½, suggests she is in transition, not fully defined by the system, nor completely free from it. It speaks to the liminal space occupied by activists and free-thinkers who stand on the precipice of change, half within the old world and half stepping into the new.In #001/2, the viewer is presented with the courageous spirit of defiance, the beauty of the struggle for autonomy, and the poignant reminder of the pervasive forces that seek to quell such insurrections of the self.

Dimensions:60 × 123 cm

1 in stock

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The artworks “#000” and “#00½” belong to a series that poignantly critiques the depersonalization of individuals by authoritative systems.

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