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The artwork titled #000 serves as an allegory of the individual’s anonymity within the governmental ledger. The title reflects a stark numeric label, a placeholder for the nameless masses seen not as humans but as commodities by the powers that be.The subject’s nudity juxtaposed with the absence of facial features articulates the erasure of personal identity, echoing the harsh reality where individuals are merely ‘pieces of meat’ to those orchestrating the grand geopolitical theatre. The  actical helmet veils the head, symbolizing the suppression of personal thought and identity under the guise of uniformity and anonymity enforced by authority.Upon closer inspection, the frame, seemingly a protective battalion of plastic soldiers, reveals a chaotic skirmish amongst themselves. This ironic detail subverts the initial perception of unity and order. Instead, it illustrates the internal conflicts and power struggles within the system that claims to safeguard its constituents. These figures, rather than offering protection, are embroiled in their own battles, a metaphor for the self-destructive nature of power that often undermines the very people it purports to defend. #000 is a profound contemplation on the paradox of protection within systems of governance. It challenges the viewer to discern the true nature of defense mechanisms and questions the integrity of those who govern – are they protectors or are they adversaries in a masquerade of guardia.

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk


Dimensions:60 × 123 cm

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The artworks “#000” and “#00½” belong to a series that poignantly critiques the depersonalization of individuals by authoritative systems.

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Dimensions60 × 123 cm

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