[A star is falling, make a wish] – Halina Lazarchuk


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A surreal image of a dinosaur noticing another falling comet as it walks through a field of craters. What did dinosaurs wish for? Everyone knows that when you make a wish upon a falling star, it will definitely come true. But what if you are unprepared, haven’t thought of a wish to make, and run out of time to do so? Once the star has fallen and extinguished, it’s too late!

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk


Dimensions:100 × 3 × 80 cm

1 in stock


We need to keep our dreams at easy reach so we can pull them out at a moment’s notice and make them. Only then will they come true. Just as the shooting star appears suddenly and disappears quickly, the opportunity to make a wish is rare and should be taken advantage of when it arises.

The next time you see a falling star and can’t find your wish, close your eyes and imagine the trail of the celestial body as it flashes through the sky. Visualize it in your mind’s eye and connect to the metaphysical plane of existence. Cast your message out as far as you can, uttering your heart’s desire for the four winds to hear. Ask for it and imagine that the whole cosmos conspires to grant you your one true wish.

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Dimensions100 × 3 × 80 cm

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