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Rest is important to everyone, and even if you are a god, sometimes you need to sit in a comfortable chair in pink slippers for a while and everything will go on as usual.

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Have you ever experienced a feeling of fatigue shortly after a rest? If the long-awaited trip to the resort thousands of kilometers away from home problems, hard work, obsessive fuss, the order of the tired environment and familiar faces recharged your “battery” for a very short time, then most likely you managed to part with only external signs of fatigue.

A full rest is important for our health, personal efficiency, restoration of vital energy, creative potential and harmonious relations with ourselves and the world around us. In conditions of regular stress, a frenzied rhythm of life, unhealthy diet, disruption of work and rest against the background of poor ecology in big cities, we feel the need to rest more often, further, longer… Or maybe we just don’t know how to rest properly?

Recreation is a science! It is not for nothing that the brightest minds devoted philosophical reflections to this issue, which became catch phrases. Let’s try to disassemble

1. Rest is a change of activity.

2. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of living at home.

3. Rest is not leaving work, but taking care of recuperation.

4. Rest prolongs life.

5. Relax only with those you love.

6. The doctor treats diseases, but nature cures.

7. Positive thinking creates positive reality.

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