[Aphrodite with modern bit] Irina Sigitova


The work ‘Aphrodite’ portrays the iconic goddess of beauty painted bright pink and wearing white earbuds. The naked form is presented in a modern pose, with one knee on the ground. There is a suggestion that when you are so beautiful, the music is in you. It is an internal sound that is always with you, above the noise and chatter of the external world. With her eyes painted in white, just like the headphones, we can understand that she is totally immersed in the sound stream – her playlist for life – and has no need of anything else. As the classic paradigm of beauty, Aphrodite also represents love, desire, and pleasure: profound and complex aspects of human emotions that we can all experience within ourselves.

• About artist: Irina Sigitova

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In her sculptures, we find beautifully formed images of classic artistic icons such as Aphrodite, David, and even angels. All of which are re imagined with splashes of color to provoke and stimulate a response. ‘Rainbow’, a plaster statue depicts a squatting angel hugging his knees during the ‘rainbow summoning ceremony’. What is unusual is that along with this process, the angel’s wings are painted in the same rainbow color. A correlation can be made between living with excess, such as drinking too much booze after swallowing too many ‘love pills’, hoping for total happiness as a result. But too much of a good thing can also make us vomit.

With the word ‘sinner’ written on the angel’s back, we are reminded of the famous sculpture. ‘El Angel Caido (Fallen Angel) by the sculptor Ricardo Belvera, which can be found in the Retiro Park in Madrid. Its unique beauty and expressiveness was inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost, a tale about the Fall of Man, and illustrations first published in 1865 by Gustave Dore. Whatever your take on the sculpture, the main thing is to experience its timeless beauty.

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