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One does not ‘become’ an artist, but is born that way. At least, that could be the interpretation of this humorous portrait, depicting a very young boy wearing a cap with the word ‘ARTIST’ written on it. Everything else about his demeanor also suggests adulthood, from the beard to the piercings and tattoos. Possibly a nod to the artist’s own personal creative journey and his sense of identity as an artist from a young age, the figure still sees the world through the eyes of a child.

about artist: Vartan Ghazarian


Dimensions:25 × 25 × 3 cm

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There are few literature works that use children as the main character in the story to give harmless, innocence or naïve character in the story. Some writers put children as main characters in their works to evoke the idea of kindness, compassion or warmth sensation in an essay. Nathaniel Hawthorne in “Little Annie’s Ramble” involves a child’s character as center story that pictured the innocence and harmless side of a young soul. The story is about a little girl named Annie that interact with an adult gentleman, together they stroll through the street circus in their town. Annie is a little girl that curious out of the crier’s announcement from the distance and try to find out what it is all about. At the same time a man looked at her from across the street and looked at Annie’s enthusiastically to find out what the crier had been speaking of.

The story taken from the adult perspective reminiscing how fin it is as a child and having a child’s mind. The man reminded him of his childhood when he looked back into the time when he was young and connect it with Annie’s curiosity. “She feels that impulse to go strolling away –that longing after the mystery of the great world– which many children feel, and which I felt in my childhood” (Hawthorne). This childhood moments resonance throughout the essay, it almost feels like Hawthorne try to bring readers to their own childhood memories. The reminiscence of the gentlemen brought  a up few times in the essay, for example on this passage:


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