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What better gift can a woman give to a man than herself? Why bother with a pen, a pair of socks, a necktie, or a wallet? Women know innately how to wrap themselves and transform into unique objects of desire. A woman is the most valuable gift any man can receive. She is a priceless treasure with no price tag who gives herself freely, mind, body and soul. Her presence is a source of beauty, wonder, and grace, radiating love with every breath. She is a sparkling diamond, a blood-red ruby, and glistening gold. A rare gift, unbox her slowly and handle with care…

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How to give yourself to a man naked falling in love? Many girls prefer instead of banal, boring, worn-out gifts to give their loved one on their birthday … themselves. The best gift of a woman to a man is herself! Any woman knows how to present herself on this day, and she has her own little secrets for this. Why exchange for some wallets, pens, socks and the like? After all, the woman herself is the best and most important falling in love gift for a man on any day!

Women and power: overcoming barriers to leadership and influence.

Around the world, women now have more power than ever before. Men still dominate decision-making — but the number of women is on the rise in parliaments and cabinets, judiciary and police forces, formal employment and education.

Increasing the number of women in political and public positions is important, but does not mean that they real power. Women in public life are often subject to sexism and prejudice. Women are less represented in the sectors and positions with the most power.

This two-year research project on women’s voice and leadership in decision-making, funded by DFID, set out to understand the factors that help and hinder women’s access to and substantive influence in decision-making processes in politics and society in developing countries. The project also considered whether, as is often assumed, women’s leadership advances gender equality and the wellbeing of women more broadly.

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Dimensions21 × 29,7 cm

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