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A young woman dressed in bride attire on roses with a wreath of roses. Putting she’s glance on window in a sky crossing hands on one’s chest. An expressive look speaks of prayers in the hope of eternal happiness.


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The Truth About Pre-Wedding Stress

You don’t have to be told twice that planning a wedding is stressful. There’s a ton of pressure involved in making this one day as special as possible. The fact that are many cooks in the kitchen-from helpful friends and wedding planners to eager in-laws-doesn’t usually help. Unless the bride and groom are paying for the whole wedding themselves, parents, in-laws, and even grandparents might want a say in how things go. This can add even more pressure to an already stressful situation.

“The engagement period is a pivotal time in a couple’s journey, but the emphasis is too often placed on the act of planning itself rather than on the significance of embarking on the next big step together,” explains Ellie Cobb, Ph.D., a holistic psychologist based in New York City. But experts agree that the wedding-planning period shouldn’t be so fraught with fears, worry, and stress. In fact, it’s very possible to plan a wedding while managing stress and avoiding rifts in your relationship. You can (and should!) be able to enjoy the process, too.

In order to do that, though, you need to know why wedding-related stress and anxiety happens. What to do about it when it strikes? The number one reason, according to Angela L. Thompson, Ph.D., a professor at Texas Christian University, is because brides and grooms have this idea of perfection that they’re trying to live up to. Unfortunately, even a celebration that you’ve spent months planning isn’t immune to the realities of life, which, in and of itself, is imperfect. “Your wedding will be beautiful and unique, but it probably won’t be perfect,” says Thompson. “You should consider your day a success because you’re marrying the person of your dreams, not because the ceremony and reception were executed to perfection.”

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