[Bring me back to life] – Vartan Ghazarian


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This macabre representation of a dead child holding a bird and wearing a gold ‘eye’ pendant stirs our sensitivities. Death is something we associate with old age, not youth, and yet the artist has chosen to depict the latter. Although adding wings to give flight, the artist has created a subject that is stone cold. Despite all of their yearnings to take flight, they are condemned to depict the fleeting nature of life while the bird embodies the child’s soul as it is freed from bodily existence.

about artist: Vartan Ghazarian


Dimensions:25 × 25 × 3 cm

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In general, though, a dead child statue with a bird in hand can be interpreted in various ways depending on the culture, artist and historical context. For example, the presence of a bird in the hand of the child may represent the fleeting nature of life, while the figure of the child may be a symbol of innocence, purity, or the untimely death of youth. Alternatively, the bird may represent the soul of the child that has passed away and is returning to the afterlife.

Overall, the interpretation of the symbolism of a dead child statue with a bird in hand will depend on several factors such as the context of the artwork, the artist’s intention, cultural traditions and audience’s perception.

Throughout history, humans found ways to cope with death, mourning, and the circle of life through symbolism. Traditional and modern art and culture are both full of imagery related to death and the passing of life. It’s interesting to compare these vast histories and cultures across the globe to see where they overlap and diverge.

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How many symbols of death and mourning can you name? Some are common, featured prominently in our own funeral practices and grave decorations. Others are less obvious, lurking in the shadows where we least expect them. Either way, you’re bound to find yourself surprised by this full list of 17 popular symbols of death and mourning below.


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