[Carnal Contact] – Masha Bo


A stylish gesture of two hands passing a piece of disheveled flesh to each other.

Size: 170×120 cm

• About artist: Masha Bo

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Carnal pleasures, love, harmony or debauchery.

From the author: Make love or copulate? Duty, duty or pleasure? The call of nature or something else?

Each of us, both man and woman, wants to be loved, desired, healthy, both physically and mentally. And we are all so arranged that the disruption of one of the systems in our body will necessarily begin to negatively affect or destroy others. Even what, in our opinion, is not so important and essential, what we can completely do without, should be used for its intended purpose and perform its function for the balance of the whole organism as a whole.

And no less important for our health is the maintenance and production of hormones such as sex hormones, which regulate the reproductive system of our body and, in particular, the nervous system. Therefore, the neglect of sexual relations, of course, has a negative effect on a person. No one says that now thoughts and desires should converge only on how to grit your teeth and satisfy your sexual instinct. But it is also impossible to ignore this issue.

Good partner relationships are the key not only to great sex, but also to a great mood, supporting a person’s health, making him happy. Therefore, based on individual capabilities and needs, it is necessary to make love with pleasure, and not to perform this function as a duty or obligation.

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