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In ‘Cartoon Old Gods’ the artist has created a familiar Egyptian wall mural but this time with unexpected characters. Instead of seeing the usual pharaohs, foot servants, priests, scribes, and ladies-in-waiting we are presented with comic book characters. The figures depicted in famous works of art become ingrained in our subconsciousness, often taking on divine qualities. So, when we are presented with contemporary icons and figures in an archaic-looking setting, it feels like the goalposts have been moved. Just as the ancient Egyptians worshiped a pantheon of gods and had a strict hierarchy of social status, we too have our own contemporary ideas about who or what is important. But most of our ‘gods’ have no connection to the divine reals and are more related to our mundane human existence.

• About artist: Irina Sigitova


Dimensions:23 × 1 × 32 cm
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The characters of favorite masterpieces, lived together with lives of viewers, for some people acquire a divine attitude and, in some way, worship. They settle inside us for the rest of our lives and sometimes can dramatically affect it.

Egypt has one of the largest and most complex pantheons of gods from different civilizations of the ancient world. Throughout the history of Egypt, the Egyptians worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses. The characteristics of individual gods are difficult to determine. Most of them had a fundamental connection (for example, with the sun or the underworld), some form. But over time, everything changed. Some of the gods rose, some fell in importance, developing according to the events of Egyptian society.

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Dimensions23 × 1 × 32 cm



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