[Casting a Gaze into the Eternity of Dreams] – Halina Lazarchuk


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Is a masterpiece wherein the artist endeavors to convey a profound philosophical perspective on the human consciousness and its connection to the boundless. The backdrop, awash with vivid hues and abstract strokes, represents the cosmos in its manifold and infinite complexity.

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk


Dimensions:100 × 1 × 80 cm

1 in stock


The abstract flowers emerging from this chaos symbolize humanity’s innate ability to discern beauty and meaning within the disorder of the surrounding world. The avian figure with a human eye, as a symbol of inner self and soul, alludes to our aspiration to comprehend and penetrate the mysteries of the universe through the prism of our perception and intellect.

The artist intends to convey that the human gaze, its capacity to interpret and apprehend the surrounding reality, is the key to understanding profound philosophical questions about existence, the meaning of life, and eternity. This painting calls upon the viewer to ponder how our consciousness shapes our perception of reality and how it is interwoven with the vast eternity that lies beyond the horizon of our dreams.

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Dimensions100 × 1 × 80 cm

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