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Portrait of woman looking into god in prayer. “Prayer does not manipulate God. It aligns us with God.”


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I was listening to Priscilla Shirer’s teaching on Elijah and was struck by this statement. How can I be aligned with God’s will? How can I know He is listening? How do I know He is working?

And then her words struck me. I don’t come to the Lord with my list of requests, although He loves for us to express our need for His intervention. He doesn’t expect me to come to Him so He can know me better. I go to the Lord so I can know Him better.

As a leader, how is your personal prayer life? How do you lead others to develop a life of prayer? How do you approach a Holy God with faith and an expectant heart?

I’ve realized I’ve asked a lot of questions in the first few paragraphs, but you’ve probably stumbled on this post looking for some answers. If there’s one spiritual discipline that we desperately need to help women practice, it’s prayer. It’s our communication with the Creator. It’s building intimacy with our Redeemer. And if we want to be more like Jesus, we must pray and teach others to pray.

Luke 11:1 shows us that Jesus was not only a model for prayer, but He modeled how to pray for His disciples. So, if we want to learn how to lead women to pray, we must also model a personal prayer life and then be intentional in the ways we teach them about prayer. Here are a few practical suggestions for teaching women to pray:

First, teach them the discipline of prayer. We can pray throughout the day, and we should “pray constantly” (CSB) as 1 Thess. 5:17 instructs, but we should also make prayer a priority of our day. Help women understand that Bible study and personal devotion time also include focused prayer. Help women learn the discipline of prayer by keeping a prayer journal, noting the date when they began praying for various things and celebrating the days when answers to those prayers are evident.

Just as exercise strengthens our muscles, the exercise of a devoted prayer life will strengthen our faith. Women will see God at work in their daily lives, and they will experience the wonderful ways God answers prayers.

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