[Ephemeral Veils of Intimacy] – Halina Lazarchuk


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In her masterpiece “Ephemeral Veils of Intimacy,” the artist Halina Lazarchyk embarks on an odyssey to unravel the intricate facets of female intimacy and self-identity. This painting transcends the boundaries of superficial perception and external trappings of feminine allure.

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk


Dimensions:80 × 1 × 100 cm

1 in stock


Through the ethereal, almost mystical portrayal of a woman, shrouding her most intimate aspects, the artist delves into the realm of intimacy often concealed from our collective gaze. The minty-green backdrop and the hue of her body merge seamlessly, symbolizing the often blurred boundary between personal demarcations and the outer world. The peach-pink bath, nestled within the cerulean waters, serves as a vivid dichotomy, underscoring the profound depths of emotions and internal experiences often hidden from plain sight.

In essence, this work of art offers a profound voyage into the inner world of a woman, accentuating her vulnerability and the multifaceted aspects of intimacy. Halina Lazarchyk desires us to ponder how intimacy is perceived and how it is entwined with our very essence, our ability to reveal and conceal simultaneously. This painting beckons us to contemplate the emotional nuances and complexities that reside within our inner realms, acknowledging their potential inaccessibility and vulnerability in equal measure.

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Dimensions80 × 1 × 100 cm

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