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An intelligent man on a tricycle with two crystals in a cart rides on an icy surface. On background dirty factory near glance of dead president.

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Natural mineral crystals grow under a broad spectrum of conditions; from vapors, from hydrothermal solutions, from magmas (high temperature solutions), or through metasomatic or metamorphic reactions. In understanding kinetic problems involved in natural crystallization, there are two ways of approach; (1) experimentally stimulating textures of rocks, and (2) decoding the paragenetic information contained in natural crystals. The latter approach is especially important, since in situ observation is impossible. Key Key features which aid in deciphering natural growth processes and conditions include external forms, surface microtopographs of crystal faces, internal inhomogeneity (growth bands, growth sectors, inclusions, twin or exsolution textures), lattice defects (plane defects, dislocations) and impurities (precipitations). Mainly based on the observations of surface microtopographs of natural crystals, characteristics of crystallization in magma, in hydrothermal solution, in vapor phase, in hydrothermal metasomatism and in regional metamorphism are analysed and reviewed in this paper. The difference and similarity between natural and synthetic crystals are also discussed.

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