[Fall] – Vartan Ghazarian


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A bloodshot eye looking up to the rain drops, this surreal visual work expresses the strain of insomnia on our well-being. Listlessness, loneliness, and low spirits make each waking moment sheer agony as we wait for sleep to come. Whether we perceive tears or raindrops in the work, both can bring solace when they fall.

about artist: Vartan Ghazarian


Dimensions:50 × 40 × 3 cm

1 in stock


Even as many of us are trapped indoors due to the pandemic, our moods rise on bright days and plumb the depths after days of rain. Such transitory mood swings are not well understood but animal behavior offers useful insights.

Low moods are demotivating. We feel lethargic, or tired, and are less likely to exert ourselves in new, or productive, activities. While we may feel listless, dispirited, and unhappy, this could boost the biological currencies of survival and reproduction.

Knowledge about the restorative value of sleep is expanding by leaps and bounds, from its effects on immune function to memory and flushing the brain of impurities. Feeling tired encourages us to lie down and sleep each night.


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Dimensions50 × 40 × 3 cm


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