[Feel his taste] – Natalia Tsyganova


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A series of watercolor works by Natalia Tsyganova is a complex study of everyday life and its psychological aspects from the inside. It shows the underside of human nature through simple examples of daily occurrences.


• About artist: Natalia Tsyganova

Dimensions:42 × 30 cm

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What Does It Mean when Someone Holds Your Face While Kissing?

If there’s someone in your life who cups your face while kissing you, you might be wondering what it means. While there’s no way to be sure without asking them, there are a few things you can read into when it comes to your partner’s feelings for you. Look through this list to see what your date might be telling you when they kiss you while holding your face (don’t worry—it’s probably a good thing!).

Holding your face is almost always a good sign. If you and your partner are making out and they suddenly reach their hands up to cup your face, they’re probably having a good time. You can take it as a compliment and return the favor.[1]

  • They also might stroke your cheek or grab the back of your head. These are all good signs!

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Dimensions42 × 30 cm


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