[Female selectivity] Halina Lazarchuk (print)


The main object of the hunt for the modern “Amazon” is money and status, not a person. But this goes against our instincts because we know, deep down, that money can’t buy love. We need more than that to survive and flourish, so let’s listen to the wisdom of mother nature instead of the sound of a credit card swipe. Women are connoisseurs of love, wise in their judgement when reconnected to their inner needs. They seek the one who mirrors their desires and fulfils their dreams – a partnership that transcends the physical realm. Women seek a reflection of their deepest essence who they can bestow with warmth, trust, and joy. When she is in tune with her primal instincts, she discovers the true power of selectivity and experiences pure love. Oh, women of the world. Seek out a life that fills your soul, not your bank balance, and let your heart be your guide.

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The main object of hunting of modern “Amazons” is money without a person. A person with money is their intermediate goal. Female selectivity refers to higher feelings. This is a kind of bouquet of whimsicality, prudence, fastidiousness, exactingness, caution, exactingness, capriciousness, rigor and clarity. Female selectivity is inherent in nature, as an instinctive mechanism for survival in the best conditions. Unfortunately, women’s selectivity needs support and proper education, because it is easily turned off as unnecessary, and in general, it can frankly interfere if you forget about a better life and live as you live.

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