[Fragile] – Vartan Ghazarian

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A crumpled box wrapped with duct tape with the inscription “Fragile”.


Dimensions:13 × 2 × 18 cm
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Once upon a time, there was a small, fragile box that lived on a shelf in a cozy house. The box had been there for a long time serving as a storage for little trinkets and memories. The box was very fond of its owner and loved the attention it received whenever the owner would use it to store things. The box always felt proud whenever a new item was added to its collection.

The owner too loved the box. He had received it as a gift from his grandfather when he was a child and the box had since been his favorite. He used it to store all sorts of things and would always treat it very carefully making sure it was safe and secure.

One day, when the owner was spring cleaning, he decided to sort through his things and discard some stuff. Among the items to be discarded was the fragile box. The box tried to get his owner’s attention, but the owner seemed too busy and too engrossed in his work to notice the pleading cries of the box.

Filled with sadness, and feeling like he was not appreciated, the box lay silently on the shelf waiting for his fate. Days went by, and the box kept thinking of his owner and how he had let him down. The box no longer felt proud of storing things and became very quiet.

One day, the owner cleaned everything and the box ended up in the garbage bin along with the other discarded items. The box cried and begged for help as it could not understand why his owner had thrown it out. The garbage truck came and picked the garbage and drove off to the landfill site.

The box lay there in the landfill site, feeling alone and unloved. But, then a faint whisper came to it from the wind that was passing by, “You are not alone, little box. I’m here with you.” The box looked around, and it was other discarded and forgotten objects that were talking to it.

The box was surprised and asked them how they could be happy here when they were thrown away. They told the box that they were all feeling the same and that they needed to stick together and be strong for each other. Even though the box had felt worthless, being here with the others gave it a little bit of hope.

The days went by, and the box started to find joy in little things. It would sing along with the wind when it passed, and the other items would join in too. They began to feel happy and content in each other’s company. Together, they would tell stories and laugh well into the night.

One day, a big storm came, and the rain washed over the landfill site. With the high winds, many of the discarded items were thrown about. In the chaos, a boy who had come with his family to dump some trash saw the little box and picked it up. The box was surprised to feel the touch of human fingers after such a long time.

The boy looked closely at the box, admired the intricate details, and decided to take it home. At home, he cleaned the box and used it to store his little treasures. The box was happy to be owned again and serve as a storage for a loving owner once more. The box was grateful to the wind for carrying the message of hope from its forgotten companions, and in its own way knew that hope could be found even in the darkness.

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