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“Angels with a lamp” is considered one of the best works of the artist Vladimir Ostangov. In the 19th century, a lamp in the hands of God’s messengers was lit in honor of the Resurrection of Christ. Groups of angels with lamps made by Vladimir are expressive, they connect the main volume of the building with a drum and a dome. They give the cathedral completeness, and also allow you to effectively illuminate the temple on holidays.

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Angels of course are often found on church monuments. There are any number of positions they can take, including sitting on the tops of the larger monuments, but here we concentrate on high relief panels. Below left are a pair of trumpeting angels, the sweep of their long robes leaving it ambiguous whether they are floating or on the ground. Next, a charming composition with a careful use of the angels’ wings, which both form a harmonious curved frame to the central scene, stopping the eye scanning too far to left or right on a horizontal composition, and suggesting enfolding and protection.

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