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Don meta is a religious symbiosis of three world religions. Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism. The pose of the Buddha with a smartphone symbolizes enlightenment, and his diversity in one statue with a series of hands goes back to the traditions of Indian mythology. The statues on the edges belong to the Christian ethnic group and Maria admiring herself in the phone mirror conveys the covenant to love herself.

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One or another state of the Buddha is determined by the posture. If he is sitting in the lotus position with his legs crossed, then he is contemplating. Everyone can join his enlightenment. But the Buddha is standing – so now he acts as a teacher, a peacemaker, addressing all people. If the Buddha sits leaning back, it is he who gives everyone a rest from the labors of the righteous in the declining years. In a word, everything is symbolic. The Buddha has many poses – some symbolize healing, others – the gift of life. Moreover, the meaning of each pose is sometimes quite difficult to understand. They say that every gesture of the Buddha’s hands means something. There are as many of these gestures of the Buddha as there are days in seven years.

Shiva is depicted as a deity with four or eight arms. The meaning is quite symbolic and has nothing to do with a real person. Multihandedness is not given to this deity by chance. Two hands hold the symbols of Damara and Lights, the others are folded in the poses of approval, domination and strength. The sound of the drum is considered the progenitor of all existing sounds. Thanks to Shiva, the sound “Om” appeared, which later became a mantra. The whole essence of the universe is concentrated in its sound.

Since the earliest days of the church, artists and sculptors have been creating paintings, frescoes, mosaics, statues and sculptures of the Virgin Mary in all her various forms. Sometimes she appears in a small niche as the Madonna and Child; sometimes she is painted on an altarpiece or shown in a stained glass window as Mary, Queen of the Universe. Cathedrals, basilicas and churches the world over house art depicting the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity, the Virgin’s Assumption and other themes that feature Mary as a main figure. And here you can see Maria in a new, modern view.

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