[Golden Ladie in Loneless] – Masha Bo


The silhouette of a woman with red lines on a golden background in a pose talking about her departure into her inner world.

• About artist: Masha Bo



The inner, inner world is a part of the space of the human life world. Another part of the life world is the external world of a person.

The inner world of the baby is just being built, and what parts it will consist of depends primarily on the culture that surrounds it. Culture determines everything. The inner world of a Polynesian aborigine consists of completely different parts than the inner world of a European, just as the inner world of a cultural aristocrat is not just richer, it is fundamentally different from the inner world of a homeless person.

The main parts of the inner world of a modern educated person are conveniently described in two different languages. In one language it sounds like Spirit – Soul – Will-Mind-Body, namely:

  • The spirit is the vertical, what drives us upwards. Will, masculinity.
  • Will is the ability to gather strength to achieve your goals.
  • The mind (head) is a rational beginning with tools: attention, thinking, memory.
  • The soul is what makes us alive, gives us the energy of life. These are feelings, desires, impulses.. – the feminine principle.
  • The body is the material receptacle of the inner world. Someone understands his body only as a material container of his inner world, someone feels that his body itself is a part of this world.

In another language, approximately the same parts are described as Values – Psychology – Personality – Intelligence – Behavior. Here it sounds like this:

  • Human psychology is something that does not fit into the rational.
  • Values are the most important and expensive thing to strive for.
  • Personality is what determines the direction and paves the way in life. The inner core and the beginning of “I am myself!”.
  • Intelligence is the ability to operate knowledge with the help of attention, thinking, memory.
  • Behavior is what a person realizes in reality.

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