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The ‘Papyrus’ collection uses acrylics on papyrus paper to portray well-known ancient Egyptian murals but with contemporary figures. We see the character from ‘The Simpsons’ cartoon series portrayed as Ramses II in the work ‘Greatest Homer’. He is all-powerful and omnipotent, ready to serve his people with a lot of fun and affection, much like the real Ramses II. The ancient Egyptian scribes bestowed the ruler with magnificent titles, such as “the most powerful of the mighty, the great Sun of great Egypt. Unfortunately, not even his divine presence could prevent him from enjoying an eternal afterlife, for his tomb was raided by robbers and the faithful priests removed his remains to a secret location. After two thousand years, his tomb was once again found, destroying Ramses II’s chances of ever finding eternal peace.

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Dimensions:23 × 1 × 32 cm
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Acrylic paints on papyrus canvas. Tremble and repent before the greatest Homer. For his power is strong, and his charity is unselfishly inexhaustible. God among people is ready to serve your fun and affection.

The papyri tell a lot of details about Ramses II. The ancient Egyptian chroniclers did not skimp on reproducing the magnificent titles of the deified ruler — “the most powerful of the mighty”, “the great Sun of great Egypt”…

In the encyclopedias you can read that he ruled in the XIII century BC, fought a lot, mainly with the Hittites. After his death, his mummy was transported to a pre-prepared rock tomb in a cave temple near Abu Simbel on the banks of the Nile. But there Ramses II did not have a chance to enjoy “eternal rest” for long. During the reign of the next dynasty of pharaohs, his tomb was thoroughly disturbed by robbers. Terrified by such “blasphemy”, the priests moved the mummy to a reliable underground hiding place. But the secret place was still found, however, after more than two thousand years.

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Dimensions23 × 1 × 32 cm



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