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Is a woman’s heart connected to her womb? Both are symbols of love; love for another, love for a child, love for life. The artist takes the most vital organ in the body and positions it where the womb lies, creating a striking image that begs reflection. But the facial expression is one of loss or sadness, leading us to acknowledge that with love comes pain. It may be the pain of a broken heart, the loss of a child, or the transition from puberty to adulthood. All can be reasons for sadness as life runs its course.

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Dimensions:75 × 60 × 3 cm

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Female sexual pain is a complex multifactorial condition. Most of researches have focused on underlying biomedical factors. Although psychological, psychiatric, and relational factors have been studied as possible correlates, limited research has been made in this area about the Egyptian population. The present study aimed to evaluate prevalence of female sexual pain among a sample of Egyptian females and detect its correlation with depression and anxiety. Female sexual function index (FSFI) was used to evaluate sexual pain in 450 women calculating their pain domain scores. Their scores were correlated to demographic data, genital health complaints, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

The prevalence of marked severe sexual pain was 31.6% and that of trivial pain was 68.4% in the studied group. In the study group, 75 (16.7%) females had depressive symptoms, and 40 (8.9%) females had anxiety symptoms. Patients with severe depression had significantly marked severe pain than patients with minimal depression (p < 0.001 respectively). Patients with severe anxiety had significantly lower pain score than patients without (p < 0.001). Pain score had significant negative correlation with each of the depression score (r − 0.524, p < 0.001) and the anxiety score (r − 0.305, p < 0.001). Patients with gynecological causes especially fungal infection had significantly severe marked pain than patients without any other physical causes (< 0.001).


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