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Love connects all of us in a fundamental and profound way. At the core of our being. We are all connected through our shared essence; our energy. The unity of consciousness pervades the universe, making us all part of a greater whole. It is our love for one another that reflects the existence of love within us all, transcending individuality and loneliness. Our bonds with one another are grounded in a deep, universal connection that could be described as spiritual or mystical. It drives us to seek out oneness and unity. We are all one in the eyes of love, whether that be romantic love, familial, or platonic. The unity of consciousness can inspire compassion, empathy, and understanding, helping us to see beyond our differences and to embrace our common humanity. Love is peace, harmony, and unity.

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Dimensions:21 × 29,7 cm

1 in stock

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Human consciousness usually shows remarkable unity. When someone hears a noise and, say, experiences love, he is not aware of the noise and separately — love. He is aware of noise and love together as aspects of one conscious experience. In a more general way, we can say that this is not consciousness A, separate from consciousness B and consciousness C, but consciousness together ABC as contents of one conscious state.

Historically, the concept of unity of consciousness has played a very important role in thinking about the psyche. Moreover, we will see that it occupied a central place in a number of the most influential arguments about the psyche from the time of Descartes to the XX century.

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Dimensions21 × 29,7 cm


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