[Submission#2] Irina Sigitova


Submission#2 shows a woman suspended upside down underwater and surrounded by fish; a reference to a growing interest in BDSM as an innate reaction to the anesthetizing phenomenon of materialism in society. The artist initiates a dialogue about the rise of radical hedonism in the modern world, where society is geared towards meeting every need, from the emotional to the physical. Such is the desire to experience absolute happiness that if one confesses to being unhappy, something must be wrong with them. Just as the need for radical hedonism grows, so too does the craving for pain. One example of this is the increasing interest in BDSM practices as a counter-reaction to the numbing effects of materialism. As pain is removed from even the most tragic experiences, such as death, and we turn to ‘pain-less’ legalized euthanasia in many countries, how do we respond to this absence of ‘feeling’?

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For the artist, it is this artificial removal of pain – of dumbing down the senses – that leads to a subconscious desire for suffering. The first thing babies feel when they come into the world is pain and throughout history, suffering has been a part of the spiritual quest for ascetics, monks, and others. Pain is, therefore, an intrinsic part of life as it leads to self-knowledge and is the only state in which a person feels nothing but the boundaries of himself. BDSM doesn’t have to be a damaging, artificial, and hypocritical practice, or simply as a means to demonstrate one’s spirituality. As Schopenhauer suggested, in its artistic form it can be a powerful vehicle for providing glimpses into the mystical or transcendent aspects of reality and the underlying essence of the world.

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