[It’s time to change prohibitions and burnt out light bulbs] – Masha Bo


When you get acquainted with a seemingly adventurous beauty, you may be unaware that in fact she is in a glass case and with thorns. The donation box adds an understanding of what kind of money it is.

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Each person has social masks that he puts on, playing a certain role: a colleague, brother, boss, specialist, friend, girlfriend, partner, beloved, and so on.

In these social roles, a person places only a part of his personality, hiding from others reactions, emotions, actions, thoughts, feelings that are not characteristic of this role.

Putting on a mask, a person changes not only the style of communication, facial expressions, gestures, but also changes behavioral reactions. People get used to the role so much that they try to hide their non-role part of the personality: after all, how?
– the babysitter may show anger,
– the boss – sincere concern,
– a friend is more than an interest,
– partner – tell about the craziest fantasies

The main reason that a person hides himself under masks is disbelief that he can be accepted in all his manifestations, as well as the habit of playing roles in society:
“Boys don’t cry”
“You have to look professional”
“Don’t humiliate yourself – hide your feelings”
All these attitudes sometimes control a person. It’s one thing when a person realizes that he is playing, but another thing is when a person gets so used to the role that he ceases to distinguish his own personality from the illusory one.

Should I take off my masks?
Masks are a kind of protection from the external, in some situations, aggressive world.
It is necessary to distinguish situations, masks are needed somewhere, and somewhere they are a wall in relationships.
When intimacy builds up, masks become unnecessary.

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