[Japan Hot Steam] – Masha Bo


Many details of a picture speaks for us about style of Japan in steam century. Girl in national shirt looks into the distance. From flower in her hand go up a flow of steam. Through the rain dive a steam style sky fighters.

• About artist: Masha Bo

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Collage – these are pieces of life and art, brought together in one moment.

Photos in a collage are part of real life and objects printed on a screen or film. An artist can drastically change the reality of the past, sorting it out into pieces (as opposed to time, which simply erases everything), forcing it to change from its original form. This is a puzzle, a picture, a game – the same seemingly chaotic outside and ordered inside, like in nature. The collage interweaves reality into the decorative, collects a kit of scraps and associations, creating personal fairy tales from others’ memories.

Contemporary artist – ”Masha Bo”.

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