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A lady with a lotus tattoo in the bathroom bowl. From the container in which her body is immersed, water flows like a waterfall. The entire surface of the room is flooded with water on which rubber ducks. The beak of some is gagged. Soap bubbles are flying.

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Dimensions:200 × 2 × 120 cm
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A rubber duck is a toy in the form of a duck, usually yellow in color. It can be made not only of rubber, but also of foam or plastic. The yellow rubber duck became associated with bathing.

The history of the duck dates back to the 1800s, when rubber began to be used more and more often.

Jim Henson raised the rating of the duck by performing the song “Rubber Duck”.

Ernie from Sesame Street also promoted the duck, because she was his favorite toy. Ernie often talked to the duck, wore it to various shows, played with it, it could not but attract the attention of viewers. Ernie also wrote the song “Rubber Duck” (apparently a parody of Henson’s song).

In 2001, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in the bathtub. For a short time, sales of ducks rose by 83%.

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Dimensions200 × 2 × 120 cm


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