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Eros was revered as a powerful and blind force in Greek cosmogony, responsible for love, desire, and attraction. Born from the void along with Chaos, Eros had the ability to shape the universe and even influence gods and mortals alike. For Plato, Eros was a mysterious and potent force that transcends individual desires and unites humanity with both one another and the divine. For him, this was the driving force behind the human urge to seek out beauty and goodness in all forms, through which we could ultimately gain enlightenment. Mischievous and unpredictable, Eros is capable of unleashing both joy and pain with his arrows of love. But he is also a force of creation, inspiring artists, writers, and thinkers to produce profound works. The cult of Eros is still viewed as an elemental and indispensable force of love and attraction that continues to impact the natural world and the spiritual aspect of our lives. It has a transformative power that we continue to celebrate in our ideals of romantic love.


• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk

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According to ancient Greek cosmogony, in the beginning of all things there was not creation, but the birth of the world. The reason for this birth is the “blind” power of Eros, a faceless Potency that obeys only the dictates of an incomprehensible Fate.

Eros is not the “cupids” of later Roman poetry. This is the oldest and the very first god in time.

The morning bird choir praises Eros, and the forest animals roar to him in the excitement of the rut. His breath heaves the broad chest of the sea and the beating of his heart beats hearts under the sleepily heaving wings of young virgins. It is he who turns a forest hut into a golden palace, it is he who likens a woman’s body to a mellifluous lyre. He forces the gods to put on the guise of animals, while he makes people equal with the gods. A terrible complacency overwhelms Eros, because he sees that his power is higher than the power of Zeus: he dominates both Olympus and the fertile earth, and everything that lives in the depths of the water praises him with the eternal rhythm of love.

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Dimensions21 × 29,7 cm


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