[Love Forever] Halina Lazarchuk (print)


Woman represents the divine feminine – the powerful archetype that embodies the qualities of love, compassion, and nurturing. It may be this connection to the divine that also contributes to her capacity for eternal love, a love that lasts forever. Women love fiercely, deeply, and with a devotion that isn’t limited by time and space. Her innate sense of nurturing and empathy permeates all of her relationships, especially the romantic ones, where she is a fountain of giving and intense emotions. She loves unconditionally, even when that love is tested, and her enduring strength is a testament to the feminine spirit. Her ability to understand the needs and desires of others allows her to connect deeply and create an eternal bond. Just don’t assume that men always appreciate this profound quality. They are often more interested in the surface of a woman and not her hidden depths. And women, being human, can often fall for a man who sees nothing more than her fleshy beauty, be he a brain surgeon or a woodcutter.

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Women’s love exists to a greater extent than men’s. For a woman, the most important thing in life is to love and be loved. Work is in 2nd place, and for most men, career, his hobby comes first, then only love. Just do not confuse here that men are crazy about women’s charms, this does not always have to do with love and only tangentially. And women can fall in love with such a wise scarecrow or with an iron woodcutter.

We strive to connect with the universe and unlock its secrets (and our own potential). One of the most potent concepts to work with is that of the “Divine Feminine”. Simply put, the Divine Feminine is a manifestation of feminine energy in the universe. It is a sacred power source that is both integral to the nature of the cosmos, as well as inherent in ourselves. (It’s important to note that the Divine Feminine is something that everyone, regardless of gender identity, can connect to.) The Divine Feminine is connected to fertility, birth, and the cyclical nature of life. It is present in the changing seasons of nature, and the cycles of the moon. This creative energy is not just about biological creation, but how we transform ourselves, our families, and our communities. It is the ability to appreciate the beauty of the universe, and the strength to weather its changes.


Concepts of the Divine Feminine have been around since antiquity, and appear in religions and spiritual practices across the globe. You may be familiar with some of these ideas (the Divine Mother, or the Lover, for example), but there are many ways, both subtle and precise, to work with this energy. The Divine Feminine allows and reminds us to look within and listen to our bodies, encouraging thought, reflection, and emotional presence.

There’s no one single way to experience it—complex and evolving, it contains multitudes. In fact, you may feel different facets of it throughout your lifetime, as you navigate experiences of family, partnership, or your own spiritual and creative journey.

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