[Matreshki] Natalia Tsyganova (print)


This picture grotesquely reflects everything that a real tourist wants to see in Russia. This report was created long before the February events, but it is more relevant than ever right now!


• About artist: Natalia Tsyganova

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How Putin Plunged Russia Toward Totalitarianism

While invading Ukraine, the dictator has imposed a new era of Soviet-style oppression at home. He’s been building to this moment for a decade.

During a documentary interview in 1996, back when he was a little-known political functionary, Vladimir Putin offered an eerie warning about Russia’s future.

“However sad and however frightening it may sound, I think that in our country a return to a certain period of totalitarian rule is possible,” he said. “The danger,” he added, “is not to be found in the organs that provide order, the police or even the army. It is a danger at our summit, in the mentality of our people, our nation.”

Well over a decade later, while speaking as president during a nationally televised Q&A in 2012, Putin once again mused about the possibility of totalitarian rule. This time, though, his remarks sounded distinctly more like a threat—or a promise. “If I believed that a totalitarian and authoritarian system is the most preferable for us, I would simply change the constitution,” he said.

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