[Moments of Desperation] – Halina Lazarchuk


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“Moments of Desperation” stands as a magnificent work of art, encapsulating profound philosophical contemplations about human nature and its interconnectedness with the natural world.

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk


Dimensions:100 × 1 × 80 cm

1 in stock


The amalgamation of blue, pink, yellow, and black backgrounds in this masterpiece symbolizes the myriad facets of human existence – joy, fear, hope, and darkness, intricately interwoven in the tapestry of our lives. These colors express the complex palette of emotions and experiences.

The visage of a wolf with human-like eyes serves as the bridging element between humanity and the natural world, representing a spiritual interplay between us and our surroundings. The eyes, gazing directly at the observer, beckon us to peer into the depths of our own souls and explore the profound layers of our inner selves.

In “Moments of Desperation,” the viewer is invited on a journey into the realm of philosophy and spirituality, where the boundaries between man and nature blur, and we ponder questions about our essence, our place in the cosmos, and the eternal enigmas of existence.

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Dimensions100 × 1 × 80 cm

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