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In the work ‘Nefertiti’, we see a bust of the beautiful queen wearing a ‘catwoman’ type mask – another nod to the culture of comic superheroes. Nefertari Meri-en-mut (‘Beautiful companion’ and ‘Beloved of the goddess Mut) was considered to be the main queen by the first year of the independent reign of the pharaoh. She was also the great matriarch, symbolizing the ultimate woman of her time. Since the throne passed through the female line, anyone marrying her would automatically become kind, regardless of his origins, which serves to further prove how much power she had. Despite her significant political power and influence, Nefertiti disappeared from the historical records for reasons still unknown. Her death remains a mystery to this day and her burial place has yet to be found, adding even greater mystery to her fate. Despite the question marks surrounding Nefertiti, she remains an iconic symbol of beauty and influence.

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Dimensions:23 × 1 × 32 cm
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Nefertari Meri-en-mut (Nefertari means ‘Beautiful companion’ and Maritenmut — ‘Beloved [of the goddess] Mut is the first wife of Ramses II, who was considered the main queen already in the first year of the independent reign of the pharaoh.

A woman in Egypt is more than a woman. She is also a queen. The fact is that elements of matriarchy were preserved in ancient Egypt for a long time. It should be remembered that the pharaohs ascended to the throne after marriage with the heiress.

The marriage laws of ancient Egypt were never formulated, and they can only be learned by studying marriages and genealogy. Then it becomes clear why the Pharaoh married the heiress without paying attention to incest, and if the heiress was dying, then he married another heiress. Thus, he remained in power… the throne passed strictly through the female line. The tsar’s wife was an heiress. After marrying her, the king ascended the throne. Royal origin did not play any role. The pretender to the throne could be of any origin, but if he married the queen, he immediately became king. The queen was a queen by birth, the king became a king by marrying her

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Dimensions23 × 1 × 32 cm



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