[No 1 Objects] – Masha Bo


Boxes of houses stacked in fractals. Looks like it pile is a result of Tetris game.

• About artist: Masha Bo

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What associations do the words “typical building” evoke in you? Hardly the most rosy. Usually this definition refers to some gray and dull houses, in the appearance of which there is nothing to stop at. In fact, a typical building is simply a multitude of buildings built according to one project, which contrasts them with houses built according to individual projects. They may belong to different series, but they will be made of the same materials and have similar layouts. Even the Roman Colosseum can half-jokingly be called a typical building, because in other cities of Italy the same arenas were built, differing only in size. The fact that the building was typical does not at all diminish its grandeur and beauty.

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