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Portrait of beautiful nude woman. It seems like she have feels extase emotion.


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Are Women More Emotionally Expressive Than Men?

In a famous scene from the classic movie Pretty Woman, wealthy businessman Edward Lewis gives Vivian Ward, a Hollywood hooker, a stunning ruby and diamond necklace worth $250,000 to wear out for the evening. At the sight of the necklace, Vivian’s eyes widen and a broad smile lights up her face. Even though it is clear the necklace is only out on loan, Vivian cannot contain her thrill and excitement. Edward, by contrast, displays only the slightest smirk of satisfaction in Vivian’s delight with the jewels.

Movies and television shows are replete with this gender dichotomy in emotional expressiveness, with strong men who say little and reveal even less with their facial expressions (think Dirty Harry, the Duke, Agent Gibbs, Walt Longmire), and equally strong but very expressive women who wear their hearts on their sleeves (think Scarlet O’Hara, Ellen Ripley, Erin Brockovich, Bridget Jones). But is this simply a Hollywood stereotype, or are women in fact more emotionally expressive than men?

New research by McDuff, Kodra, Kaliouby, & LaFrance suggests they are. And they aren’t. Women do smile more than men, and there is evidence that women exaggerate facial expressions for positive emotion. However, McDuff and colleagues believe that smiling and other displays of positive emotion are only part of the picture. Emotions can be negative as well as positive, and within each valence there are a range of distinct emotional states, including fear, disgust, anger, joy, satisfaction, and gratitude.

To explore sex differences in facial expressions across different affective states, McDuff and colleagues developed a unique paradigm for evaluating facial behaviors in response to emotional stimuli. They recruited more than 2000 participants from five different countries to watch advertisements for different, commonly-used products. Participants watched the ads from their own computers, with the understanding that they would be videotaped through their webcams as they viewed. Only participants who felt reasonably comfortable having their reactions recorded were included in the study.

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