[Passions in Gray] – Halina Lazarchuk


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The artwork “Passions in Gray” invites us to embark on a profound exploration of human relationships and their intricate dance with the contemporary world. The gray backdrop stands as a symbol of the relentless uniformity and mundane aspects of modern life, where individuality often languishes in the shadows.

• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk



Dimensions:100 × 3 × 80 cm

1 in stock


The entwined figures, consumed by each other, personify the profound human yearning for intimacy and connection, even within the drab and repetitive milieu. This could also be seen as a quest for authenticity and genuine emotions in a realm where superficiality prevails.

The solitary, forsaken slipper of the young woman serves as a poignant metaphor for the forgotten or neglected facets of our identity in a society that frequently exerts pressure to conform to stereotypes.

The artist, in all likelihood, aims to underscore the imperative of preserving authentic human bonds and seeking them in a world where shallowness and anonymity threaten genuine values and profound interactions. This painting urges contemplation on the quest for meaning and individuality amidst the contemporary monochromatic reality.

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Dimensions100 × 3 × 80 cm

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