[Patterns Painted on Nature’s Canvas] – Masha Bo


Imagine a bull running rampant through a china shop, smashing to smithereens each delicate piece of painted porcelain. Now, imagine the skull of the bull itself becomes an exquisite work of art, painted in the most intricate design to become a thing of lasting beauty.

• About artist: Masha Bo


Dimensions:50 × 30 × 15 cm
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In this series of works, the artist presents animal skulls and adds a unique layer of complexity and symbolism. The skulls, stripped of flesh and reduced to bone, embody the finality and inevitability of death.

But they also serve as potent reminders of the rich histories and experiences that each individual life encapsulates. Through their bared teeth and hollow eye sockets, the skulls confront viewers with the impermanence of human existence, beautifully illustrated as enduring works of art.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 15 cm


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