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This princess, depicted with the innocent and unrefined strokes of a child’s hand, may represent the cherished fairy-tale beliefs and the quintessential quests for personal identity and love that are instilled in us from a young age. The simplicity of the image contrasts with the anatomical complexity of the heart, perhaps suggesting the enduring nature of these youthful ideals within the multifaceted chambers of our adult emotions.

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Dimensions:34 × 27 cm

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Galya Lazarchuk’s series of artworks presents a profound exploration of the human condition through the lens of emotional symbolism, each piece uniting the anatomical heart with a child’s naive artwork. The heart, a universal symbol of life and emotion, is vividly brought to life with rich textures and colors, suggesting the pulsating depth and complexity of our innermost feelings.The series weaves a narrative of fundamental human experiences and values. The house represent sour yearning for security and belonging, the blue bird embodies our aspirations and desires for freedom, the unicorn stands for the magic and uniqueness within us, the princess symbolizes our fairytale-like dreams and quests for self-discovery, the mother and daughter signify the enduring bond and lineage of love, and the flower reflects the beauty and growth that emanates from our emotional core.Each piece is framed in opulence, draped with chains and crystals, suggesting that these aspects of our emotional lives are precious and worthy of reverence. However, the chains also allude to the constraints and burdens we often face, which can tether the free flight of our heartfelt dreams and desires.

These pieces by Gala Lazarchuk present a striking visual metaphor, engaging the viewer in a contemplation of the dichotomy between the intrinsic and the adorned. The human heart, often seen as the seat of the soul and the epicenter of human emotion, is vividly colored with a blend of pink, suggesting warmth and vitality, and blue and white tones,evoking a sense of ethereal fluidity. The paint’s marbled effect could symbolize the complexity and uniqueness of human emotions, much like the singular patterns found in marble stone.

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