[Rainbow] Irina Sigitova


The plaster statue depicts an squatting angel and hugging his knees during the rainbow summoning ceremony. What is unusual is that along with this process, the angel’s wings are painted in the same rainbow color.

To overdo it with booze having taken love pills before is fraught with sincere happiness with a predictable end. The main thing is to take it for granted and experience it as beautifully as possible.

• About artist: Irina Sigitova

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The most famous sculpture of the Fallen Angel is installed in Madrid’s Retiro Park, it is unique in its extraordinary beauty and expressiveness. The sculpture “El Angel Caido” (Fallen Angel) was sculpted by Ricardo Belvera. Of course, Belvera was inspired by Milton’s poem “Paradise Lost” and Gustave Dore’s illustrations for it, made in 1865.

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