[Red Bark] – Masha Bo


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A piece of birch bark on a velvety red background.

• About artist: Masha Bo

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The tender birch is one of the most common trees on the planet. The use of birch bark has found its place not only in industry, but also in folk medicine. This is a real natural healer. It is better to collect raw materials independently, in an ecologically clean area. But the bark can also be purchased at the pharmacy, already in crushed and dried form. We will tell you how useful this natural gift is and how to prepare it in order to preserve all its medicinal properties.

The biological properties of various parts of birch: bark, buds, leaves, wood are well studied. Medicinal raw materials are used both in folk and in official medicine for the prevention and treatment of various painful conditions. The medicinal properties of birch bark are due to the content in it of a large set of useful chemical compounds, including betulin.

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