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7 Women Share The Reasons They’ve Cried During Sex

When you imagine having sex that you’re totally into, crying probably isn’t part of the picture. But sometimes when you’re in the middle of doing the deed, your emotions take over and you suddenly find tears leaking out of your eyes. You might feel surprised depending on the situation, but being overcome with feelings during the act is actually pretty normal, even when you actively want to have sex. Here, 7 women show as much by sharing the reasons they’ve cried during sex. Some are heartbreaking while others are incredibly sweet, but all of them prove that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting emotional during sex. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let it out.

1. Because of confusing anal sex-induced feelings.

“I was having anal sex with my boyfriend of two years. We were slightly tipsy after a few glasses of wine, and it was only the second or third time we’d tried it. A few minutes in, I burst into tears, and not from pain. I started crying because I wasn’t sure if I felt degraded or not, and if I did feel degraded, then I was actually enjoying it. It was a strange feeling, and I was shocked by my own tears. My boyfriend immediately wrapped me in his arms and asked if I was OK. I said yes and started laughing, so he joined in. Needless to say, the mood was somewhat ruined, but I can confirm there have been no tears since.” —Thea C., 21

2. Because her partner cheated.

“One morning, a woman slid into my Instagram DMs and told me she and my ‘boyfriend’—I use that term loosely—had been sleeping together and dating each other for a couple months. I didn’t sleep with him for over a month after I found out, and the first time I did,I began to cry shortly after we began. I was thinking about him with the other woman and the qualities she had that I didn’t. We broke up about a week after that incident. The crying made me realize this guy hurt me to my core. I’d wondered throughout our year-long courtship whether or not he really cared for me. At the moment I started crying, I said to myself, ‘Nope he doesn’t.'” —Talisha H., 28

3. Because it fell into a pattern.

“I’ve only cried once during sex. It wasn’t because it was beautiful, although he was the hottest guy friend I had, like an Abercrombie model. But it also meant I’d slept with almost my entire group of guy friends in a two-year period. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having sex with as many people as you want, but I was young and so ashamed of myself. Shortly after college, though, I met the love of my life, and we got married in 2013!” —Maria P., 31

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