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A two-headed serpent representing the circle of life, but beware to all those who tread the path. They will encounter demons and darkness along the way, confronting occultist symbols and menacing secrets. It’s a game of chance and dare with no indication of how the journey will end. Only one thing is certain: there will always be light bearers to lead the way. A mysterious design in which alchemy spiritualism and ceremonial magic form a sacred geometry to illuminate the voyeur.

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Dimensions:40,5 × 40,5 × 3 cm

1 in stock

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Sacred Geometry and Occult Symbolism in Art

The use of Sacred Geometry in art is the attribution of sacred importance to geometric shapes and proportions, originating from the belief that the universe follows a pre-defined pattern or plan. This idea influenced the design of religious structures like churches, mosques, and temples, as well as settings like sacred groves and magic circles. The concept of holy space extends to modern occult art, where the central figure of the Creator or Godhead is present across various faiths.

Ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece used geometric shapes and patterns to symbolize cosmic and spiritual principles in their art and architecture. Hinduism and Buddhism also incorporate geometric patterns and shapes in their sacred artifacts like mandalas and yantras.


metatron's cube

The Metatron Cube a symbol using Sacred Geometry that is a metaphor for the known connected universe.

Occult Symbolism

The use of symbols in occultism like the Unicursal Hexagram, circled dot, and pentacle are used for identification and practice in Hermetic occultism and other occult schools. The pentacle’s ancient use as a circled five-pointed star was later altered and adopted for use in Satanism. Aleister Crowley integrated the Unicursal Hexagram’s powerful shape with a five-petalled flower to represent cosmic forces in Thelema. The unique pointed star shape of the Unicursal Hexagram can be drawn with a single continuous line.

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Dimensions40,5 × 40,5 × 3 cm

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